Discriminated Places


It is unlawful to treat people unfairly because of their condition , in these areas of public life:



    • job advertisements, applications, recruitment, promotion, transfer, training and dismissal
    • full or part time work, contract, casual or unpaid work 


Customer Service:

    • dealings with business, professions, trades or government 


    • renting flats, rooms or houses, staying in hotels, motels and caravan parks
    • also selling

Clubs and Associations:

    • membership, conditions, benefits and playing rights


    • also granting qualifications


It is also unlawful to treat people unfavourably in work or study because they wear dress or adornments or present an appearance that is required by or symbolic of their religion.

It is likewise unlawful to treat people unfavourably in customer service because they have a child with them or because they are breast- or bottle-feeding a child.





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