Types of Discrimination (Race, Ethnic, Gender, Religious, Sexual, Disability and Age)

In the world are different types of discrimination for example:

  • Race Discrimination
  • Ethnic Discrimination
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Sexual Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination


Race Discrimination:

Is a conscious or unconscious belief in the superiority of one race over other another.


Ethnic Discrimination:

Is a different treatment of people based on the fact that they belong to a certain ethnic or national group.





Gender Discrimination:

Is a discrimination against a person or a group on the grounds of sex or gender identity.


Religious Discrimination:

Is the treatment to a person or a group different because they do not believe.



Sexual Discrimination:

Is the treatment to the gays, lesbians, or homosexual people, or their life style or culture, or generally of people with a different sexual orientation.



Disability Discrimination:

Is a person that have a lot of bad conditions, a disability condition may be physical, intellectual, phychosocial or illness, injury or gentics. People with disabilities have the same human rights as all other people.




Age Discrimination:

Is the treating to the people that is 40 years old or more. The people that is older can lose their jobs.




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